Sights and excursions in the Allgäu area

Good paths bring you to the fairytale castle of Ludwig II at Hohenschwangau. From the "Marienbrücke" (Mary’s bridge), which you reach via the Pöllat gorge, there is a beautiful view over the country.

Near the Tegelberg gondola departure an ancient Roman spa was found and excavated in the 1960s.

Nearby Füssen invites you to stroll along the ancient city and to visit the Play on Ludwig II.

By car or train  you easy reach Augsburg, Munich and Marktoberdorf, their city centres are always worth a visit.

Children will have fun at the Legoland, only 1½ hrs  away.

Custom and tradition

Custom and tradition in our area is still very important. Festivals in summer, country-evening-performances as well as music concerts or the traditional celebration of St. Coloman in October show how close people are still connected to ancient fashion.

Every year in September the cattle is driven down with music from the alps.